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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 spammers and more

In July, I wrote about a "reputation" web site which had been link-spamming this blog. I suspected that part of their business model would be to blackmail businesses into removing negative reviews. Comments on my article tended to back that up.

Today, alert reader Chad pointed out a couple of articles on PissedConsumer. In particular, YOUmoz blog is reporting that a reader has discovered that PissedConsumer seemed to be running a link farm in order to artificially boost their page rank and drive traffic. The comments are worth reading as well; one commenter claims that PissedConsumer was stealing content from his review site in order to populate their link farm. (Commenter also mentions that the DMCA complaint went ignored — this may be worth investigating on its own.)

Best of all is the comment from Google's Matt Cutts, who wrote in essense "they're nuked now". Way to go!

You can read more at Digital Point. Of interest is the first article in the thread, in which the author mentioned that PissedConsumer wanted nearly $2000 to remove bogus reviews. It looks like my suspicion of reputation blackmail was correct.

See also "Sockmonkey's" article How To Game Google SERPS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohh the infinite spamming... no matter how many new email accounts you make, somehow spam always finds a way in :/

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Pissed Consumer said...

Hey...thanks for sharing this...Much Appreciated...

2:31 PM  

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