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Saturday, July 05, 2008 spammers and maybe more

Just a quick vent: lately, a new website,, has been spamming this blog with advertisements for their site. I've been spending too much of my valuable time deleting their spam as they post it.

A simple whois shows they're registered anonymously, which is commonly the mark of a less-than-legitimate organization.

I tried out their site myself. It's basically a place to vent your frustration. It's unlikely anybody will ever read what you have to write. After you've entered your complaint, you're given the opportunity to pay a fee and get preferential placement, which I suppose means you get placed at the top of the search results that nobody will ever be searching for anyway.

It remains to be seen what else they're up to. Similar review sites have been known to try to blackmail businesses with threats of negative reviews or censorship of positive reviews, or to charge fees to have negative reviews removed, and so on. I'll be watching for further news of them.

Meanwhile, if you really want to post a review of a business, positive or negative, then I suggest either ResellerRatings or Yelp, both of which are popular, honest, and well-established web sites.


Blogger Gary McGath said...

They've been spamming me too. The first couple of times I let them through, but after seeing the same boilerplate yet again I went back and deleted their earlier comments on my blog. I certainly wouldn't trust any consumer complaints posted on their site.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They need to be stopped. Primerica is one of the worlds leading sellers of term life insurance and they have completely gone after them. If you were to search for primerica, they come up second. Their primerica page has over 100,000 links to it! There are a bunch of companies like that and people don't know any better to realized that the reviews are a bunch of crock. What are you going to do but put up with their crap?

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A slanderous complaint was posted with my name on against a local business owner. It was defamation of character against this innocent woman. It has caused alot of problems. I DID NOT post that complaint but because it has my name on it, they believe I did it even tho I dont have any motives or reasons. I dont even use the business, neither does my family. I have emailed pissedconsumer several times begging them to remove the complaint against this woman.I have even sent them a letter in the mail. They will not reply to my emails and they have not removed the slanderous complaint. Their privacy policy states they have the right to remove any post that is not in compliance with their policy but they havent done it as yet. This has hurt us terrible and caused my blood pressure to raise to stroke level.

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... has been banned from Google after a link network scheme was exposed a week ago. You can check out the threads here:

They had about 170 domains that were all linking to each other. It was exposed on SEOmoz and after being published it caught the attention of Google's own Matt Cutts, who responded personally to the post and took action last weekend.
It's a great success story for legitimate sites everywhere who get trumped in the search engines by degenerate spammers like
From what I've heard, is a little pissed themselves about everyone rejoicing in their miserable failure. Just Desserts??? I think so. You reap what you sow fellas.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are being sued for extorting their victims. Here is the complaint:

3:16 PM  
Anonymous No Limit List said...

I feel like both a spammer and someone victimized by a Pissed Consumer users. In my case I'm a victim on two fronts the first due to an online stalker, and the second due to Pissed Consumer not allowing me to edit or delete a report I wrote that was truthful, but written in anger and regrettedlater.

The spammer part comes in with the promotion of my new website that has a consumer complaints category in Rant and Rave. Now I'm going to post a link to where authors have full control over their Business opinions and that link is where free rebuttals are allowed.

Also, I am working on a reputation management service for my site. It wont be free, but I will offer no-index meta tags for sale.

4:58 AM  

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