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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quick heads-up, spams containing zip files

In case you haven't noticed, there's a new scam making the rounds, in which the payload is a zip file. The zip file contains a single executable whose name is in the form of (for example) e-ticket.doc.exe.

The spammers are obviously hoping that the operating system will remove the ".exe" before showing you the filename, at which point you think it's a harmless doc file and click on it.

The emails themselves come with a variety of enticing subject lines, and I have to give the spammers credit for creativity. The latest round come with the subject line "Your Online Flight Ticket" (plus a hash-buster), while previous rounds have come with subject lines suggesting that there's a FedEx delivery waiting for you, trouble with your credit card or something of a similar nature that demands your attention.

The enclosed zip file contains a virus of course. Most of you reading this are smart enough not to click on random attachments in email*, but do pass the word please.

eWeek has a short article on the subject: Malware in E-Mail Rose Dramatically in September, Security Pros Report


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