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 by Edward Falk

Monday, August 20, 2007

You didn't just join some web site you don't remember joining

Just a heads-up: There's a new round of phishing spam that looks like this:
New Member,

We are so happy you joined Net-Jokes.

Confirmation Number: 68436927666
Your Temp. Login ID: user4367
Your Temp. Password ID: ix394

Be Secure. Change your Login ID and Password.

Click here to enter our secure server:

Welcome Department
The name of the service, and all of the other details vary with each copy of the spam. When you click on the link, you're asked to download their "Secure Login Applet" which, of course, is a virus.

I'm guessing that nobody who reads this blog is foolish enough to install that applet, but do pass this along to your more gullible friends, won't you?

Update: The Internet Storm Center center believes that this is the Storm Worm virus.


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