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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More on E360Insight vs Hacker X

Direct magazine, a news magazine for direct marketers has a little bit more on the story of the alleged cracker who broke into E360's systems and sent porn spam to nearly 300,000 people on one of E360's client's email lists. E360 CEO Dave Linhardt claims that they subsequently lost that customer's emailing business.

Linhardt also made sure to mention that two of the defendants in the SLAPP suit he filed against various anti-spammers live in the region where the cracker was operating, and that he believes the defendants have been helping Spamhaus, a defendant in another SLAPP suit he has filed.

Linhardt says that he's notified the FBI and other authorities of the break-in.

For an example of the cracker's work, see this wonderful Snopes article about the email alleging that folks with AIDS can fly Southwest airlines for free.

Other examples attacked with American Airlines and Wendy's Hamburgers.

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