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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

National Spam News

I haven't done a news roundup in quite a while, and I have a lot of catching up to do. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, let us begin.

Good article in Slashdot today, bemoaning the fact that the latest Ameritrade leak has gotten no attention from the mainstream press. California law requires them to notify their California customers of a potential security breach. Have they done so? Were customer account ids and passwords also leaked? Ameritrade isn't saying. So far, all they've said is that they take these things seriously. The article suggests some security techniques that Ameritrade should implement to track the source of the leak.

There have been a lot of "greeting card" spams lately. I'll bet you've gotten some yourself. Remember: if the subject line doesn't identify who the card is from, then it's spam. Anyway, Trend Micro reports that these spams are also carrying malware as part of the payload.

Robert Soloway isn't the only one with legal problems this week. TG Daily and other sources report that Microsoft has filed suit against three John Does for sending pump-n-dump spam through their Hotmail service.

The BBC reports that internet service provider Tiscali is now caught up in a serious battle with their spammers. Spam coming from Tiscali has become serious enough that many other ISPs are refusing email from Tiscali, which is seriously impacting their customers. Tiscali has long been plagued with 419 scammers, which they managed to bring under control about 6-8 months ago. It now seems that another house-cleaning has begun.

There is some speculation that Tiscali's problems might be caused by spambots inside their network. See my recent article on this subject.

Ben Edelman reports that spyware is still stealing referal fees. As usual, his claims come with a detailed and in-depth analysis.

The Seattle Times reports that Nigerian 419 scammers are now inviting suckers to get puppies out of the country instead of money. Some people have paid more than $1500 to adopt a valuable dog from Nigeria.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

TDAmeritrade tells me this is totally coincidental but on 09/01 someone hacked into my accout, made an unautorized trade, changed my email & snail mail addresses as well as phone numbers & attempted to set up a bank account in NY (I live in NC), I asume to have the money moved to. They did "undo" the trade & told me where to file complaints and also informed me that it was reported to the FBI. I'm certainly nor feeling very "warm & fuzzy" about their security at this point.

10:50 AM  

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