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Thursday, May 31, 2007

E360 vs Hacker X

In the latest twist in the E360Insight vs World + Dog saga, E360 is now claiming they were attacked by a hacker who broke into their system and sent porn spam from their servers and stole their intellectual property. See Spamsuite copy of their Motion for Expedited Discovery. In short, they're asking the court to allow them access to the records of the ISP they believe was the source of the attack. The motion specifically names all of the defendants in their lawsuit rather than John Does, implying that E360 thinks one of the defendants is responsible.

More info in the Usenet thread "e360 Site Hacked".

Now, it's entirely possible that their site really was broken into, but to suggest that one of the defendants in the case had anything to do with it is nonsensical. By pursuing this lawsuit, they've managed to make themselves one of the most despised entities on the internet, and an attraction to countless crackers and script kiddies. There's no shortage of suspects in this case.

Meanwhile, in other news, they've also filed petitions (1), (2) to withdraw earlier motions they made essentially asking that Spamhaus be held in contempt and that Spamhaus be compelled to provide certain information. The likely reason here is that they're acknowledging that they won't win on these issues. Alternatively, they're trying to finesse the timing.

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Blogger Shanooz said...

Those two petitions are the same. They're just put in twice to provide proper closure for each event.

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