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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Politicians using spam in the U.S.

Just as the word comes out that the U.S. has maintained its lead as the number one source of spam on the internet, now comes the word that U.S. politicians have taken to spamming in their campaigns.

The rationale used by politicians mimics that used by many spammers: that as long as the spam complies with the CAN-SPAM law, then it isn't spam. Ok, listen up: even if your spam is legal, it's still spam, and nobody wants it.

I would have preferred to see Sophos list the actual spamming politicians for all to see, but if they did, I missed it. If you have examples of political spam, please send it along to me at

For historical reference, the first spamming politician that I'm aware of was California Republican Bill Jones who actually hired a professional spammer who broke into a Korean elementary school computer to relay the spam.


Blogger my0p said...

Politicians are soo annoying, thinking they know better and they stoop this low.
Ugh, I get Katherine Harris spam. Glad she lost. Very annoying, I don't live in Florida, so I never had any interest in her campaign anyway.

2:49 PM  

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