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Monday, November 06, 2006

Jeremy Jaynes' lawyer pleads guilty to money laundering and other charges

Today's Real Piece of Work™ is one Sam Currin: Former U.S. Attorney; former judge; former assistant to Jesse Helms; former chair of the N.C. Republican party; religious fundamentalist; former Sunday school teacher; anti-choice politician; animal lover (not); lawyer for the Sons of Confederate Veterans (where he played a key role in expelling some 300 anti-racist members). Oh, and did I mention: lawyer for spammer Jeremy Jaynes who was recently given nine years in the slammer.

Well, it turns out that good ol' Sam has now plead guilty to lying to a federal grand jury, obstructing the IRS, and conspiring to launder 1.3 million for Jaynes. It looks like he'll be allowed to plead out of jail time, but he will be giving up his law license.

According to the News Observer article, Currin laundered just over $1.3 million for Jaynes, knowing that the money was illegal proceeds from Jaynes' spamming and stock fraud business. In addition, Currin failed to report the profits he made from this laundering.

You can learn more from's article about the case, including a link to the charges and an excellent detailed description of the stock fraud and all the people involved in it.

Can you really judge a lawyer by the clients he represents? Like Mark Felstein who represented Eddy Marin and other spammers in their 2003 attack on Spamhaus, Currin seems morally indistinguishable from the scum he represents.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your information about the Sons of Confederate Veterans came from the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their sources are incorrect. There were no expulsions of members for being "non-racist."

A movement called "Save the SCV" was created by a lunatic nutcase former cop named Walt Hilderman. About 300 signed a petition in support of his organization, after hearing only one side of the story. The members, and their camp officers were given an opportunity to repudiate the Save the SCV. All but Hilderman, and the few members in the local camp he was commander of, elected to do so.

In the end, only Walt Hilderman was expelled from the SCV. He later was convicted of assault for attacking an SCV member at a reenactment who had criticized him.

Trusting Walt Hilderman and/or the Southern Poverty Law Center for your inforamtion is not a very good idea, if you want to have the truth on your blog.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Spam Diaries said...

Readers can do a Google search for Walt Hilderman SCV to learn more.

5:08 PM  

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