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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Steven Rambam of Pallorium arrested

Steven Rambam, AKA Steven Rombom, was arrested yesterday by the FBI just as he was about to lead a panel at the HOPE Hacker Conference. Speculation runs rampant in the online forums as to the cause, but so far the FBI isn't saying. The most intriguing theory is that Rambam had outed someone in the FBI's witness protection program, but this is still just rumor. The truth may be much more mundane, and it's even possible that this was a simple publicity stunt by the FBI. See also Slashdot and BoingBoing threads.

Rambam is perhaps best known in spam circles for the unsuccessful lawsuit he launched against volunteer anti-spam organization when they listed his open server on their open servers list. In other circles, he is perhaps best known as the owner of

Even if the charges are bogus, Rambam may be looking at some serious legal problems, and can look forward to a taste of what he put Orisoft through.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that's old news. All charges were dropped and the prosecutors no longer work for the federal government. And Josef Meyers, the fraudster that made the false charges against Rambam, is now doing 3-15 in a Michigan prison.
As for Joe Jared, the guy that Pallorium was forced to sue, his bogus blocklist was removed, Pallorium was determined by the court to have never been a spammer, and Jared apparently had to move from California to Ohio. Not what any legit anti-spam fighter would consider good p.r., or a victory. Jared isn't anyone's idea of a poster boy for "good computing". the big winner in that case was Jared's lawyers who were supposedly paid a fortune for a phyrric victory at best.
The lesson of this story seems to be: don't falsely accuse Steven Rambam or Pallorium.

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