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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Domain name scammer Brad Norrish declared bankrupt

On the principal that no spammer can be too broke or too hungry, comes some good news.

Brad Norrish of Australia engaged in the process of "domain slamming". Similar to the practice of phone slamming, domain slamming is the process of fraudulently changing a victim's domain registration to your own registry. In Norrish's case, the slamming was accomplished by obtaining a list of competitors' customers and sending them 50,000 fake invoices.

Last year, the Australian Federal Court awarded $1.3 million in damages against Norrish and his business partner Chesley Rafferty.

Norrish's bankruptcy does not put an end to things, however. The business has been taken over by his brother Blair Norrish.

For more on the story, see The Age article Domain name entrepreneur declared bankrupt and Domain Watch blog.


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