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Monday, July 10, 2006

You did not win $500 fromGmail

And speaking of phishing sites, there's a new one making the rounds. It claims that you've won $500 at random from Gmail. The link leads to a standard phishing page.

Here's a rule to remember: If you didn't enter a contest, then you didn't win it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stuff and nonsense!

Why, just the other day, I won the National Lottery in the distant and mysterious land of Australia. I know, because I received an unsolicited e-mail from a server in, oh, Bhutan or somewhere, saying as much.

Only a cynical cad would consider the plausibility of that wondrous news to have been reduced by the fact that (a) I actually live in the distant and mysterious land of Australia, and know that I did not enter the National Lottery, partly for the reason that our lotteries are all State- and Territory-based and so no such Lottery actually exists, and (b) this was one of those cut-down-in-their-prime spams that provides no way for you to contact the scam artist to continue the transaction. All it was was a set of headers (which is more than some of them manage), the name and address of the New South Wales Lottery Corporation, and a final line that said "CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON!"

I'd only have spent the money on booze and kittens anyway, so I don't mind at all that they gave me no way to collect.

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