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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Interview with a Phisher

Hi all; have a nice long weekend? Mine was pretty good; managed to get out of the house for a change and see the big yellow thing in the sky.

Used to be that weekends and holidays were prime time for spam, since the spammers knew the abuse desks would be unmanned and they could operate with impunity the entire time. Nowadays, I can't tell the difference. Maybe they've learned that with the right ISP, they can operate with impunity every day of the week. Last night I noticed that Verizon had over 180 open cases at Spamhaus, including all of the biggest names in spamming. This puts them in the #1 spot as worst spamming ISP in the world, with more than twice the cases of their nearest competitor.

Anyway, I digress. Article in the New York Times has been making the rounds the last couple of days. It's a video interview with Shiva Brent Sharma, who is serving time in New York for identity theft. [part 1][part 2][part 3]


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