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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Scamming the 419 Scammers

One of the things I truly love are the people who scam the 419 scammers, often with bizarre requests that the scammer must fulfill . Perhaps my favorite of all was the fellow who convinced the scammer to send photos of his family and then declared that he had fallen in love with the scammer's daughter and was on his way to Nigeria to marry her. (If anybody has the link to this story, please send it to me.)

The point of the game, generally, is to see how long you can keep the scammer on the hook before he realizes he's being made fun of, and to show off your own creativity with the bizarre letters you write.

But now comes a site that beats them all: Using the pen name "Derek Trotter", this scammer scammer responds to the scammers, telling them he's too busy awarding $150,000 art scholarships to help the scammer launder his dead relative's money. Once the scammer is hooked, "Derek Trotter" gets them to make intricate carvings and ship them to him in hopes of winning the scholarship. I present to you: Welcome to the 419 Eater.


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