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 by Edward Falk

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cell phone spam reaches America

First article I've seen about text spam hitting the U.S.A.: Text Message Spam Could Cost You.

In the article, Sprint and NextTel both say that if you're charged for receiving text spam, you can report it to them for a full refund. While comforting, this is hardly a solution. It's still a waste of your time to receive the spam and deal with it, and now there's the added burden of documenting it and going through the — what I suspect will be arduous — task of reporting it through the phone company bureaucracy.

Text message spam is a violation of USC 47, the same law that forbids fax spam. What I'd like to see would be a detailed list of instructions, perhaps posted on the ISIPP site or on my own HOWTOs list, telling the recipient how to track a text spam to its source and getting some legal action.


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