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Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm being joed, how droll

Found a couple hundred bounces in my inbox this morning. These are coming from a spam run in which the spammer has put my domain name in the "From:" line of every email. Sites which bounce undeliverable addresses are bouncing them back to postmaster at my domain for me to deal with.

Most sites don't include full headers in their bounces so it's impossible to determine where the spam originally came from. Analysis of the few headers I received shows that the spams are being sent from all over, which means a zombie farm*.

The spam advertises diet pills on a server in China and I can't figure out who the hosting provider is, so no joy there.

At least one of the spams went to a "spamtrap@" address. This won't affect me, but the isp of the zombie that sent that one may find itself blocked.

Many of the bounces are coming from people whose mailboxes are over quota. Are these mailboxes flooded with spam, I wonder? Or perhaps belong to someone who abandoned their email boxes because spam made them unusable?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are also being flooded by our customers complaining about these postmaster emails returning. It's something from the last 2 weeks as far as we can see. Hard to fight against ;) We tell our customers to remove there catch-all alias (which is a real pain in the *ss anyways :D) and this will help a lot.


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