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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sue a spammer today -- William Silverstein v. TJ Web Productions

Submitted for your consideration: It's a pleasure to see a spammer on the receiving end of a lawsuit, and so I bring you Silverstein v. T.J. WEB PRODUCTIONS, LLC and NINO ENTERPRISES, INC.

Executive summary: Porn spam advertising TJ Web arrives at the servers of William Silverstein. Silverstein duly complains. TJ Web does nothing, and the spam continues to arrive. Silverstein sues under California of Business and Professions Code ยง 17529.5.

Current status: TJ Web argues that although physically based in California, they're incorporated in Nevada and thus not subject to jurisdiction in California. The courts have ruled against TJ Web. In addition, the court has sustained three of
Silverstein's demurrers of Nino's Enterprises' defenses.

This is not Silverstein's first case against a spammer. See his Case Status Page.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some other spammers that I have filed a suits against that you can do too.

Paylessinks. This goes to trial next month, if you are in the Los Angeles area, I might be able to use you for a witness. He also goes by I have a list of links at

Star Marketing Group. A porn spammer. You can identify their spam as containing /tg/0

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