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Friday, September 15, 2006

FTC shuts down four spam operations

Wow, a very busy week in the courts. According to the Register, the FTC has shut down four illegal spamming operations:

Cleverlink Trading Limited and its affiliates will pay a $400,000 fine for their "lonely housewives" sex spam.

Zachary Kinion has been ordered to pay $151,000 for porn spam, mortgage spam, and spam selling supposed privacy software. Kionion is allegedly broke, so the fine will never be collected.

William Dugger, Angelina Johnson, and John Vitale have received an $8000 slap on the wrist for their use of botnets to send porn spam.

And finally, we have Brian McMullen (aka BM Entertainment and B Pimp) has been hit with a $24,193 judgement for his use of botnets to spam for porn sites and drugs. Another allegedly broke spammer who won't be paying a dime. On the other hand, there is still sentencing on criminal charges pending, as he has pled guilty to charges related to spam and unauthorized possession of credit cards.


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