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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Anti-publishing-scam site shut down by "agent"

Not exactly about spam, but it is about abuse of the law to silence critics, which as you know, is a topic dear to my own heart.

In short, the web site Absolute Write serves as a clearing house of information for writers, including information about scammers who prey on writers (anybody remember Woodside Literary Agency?).

Last week, one of the scammers contacted Absolute Write's ISP, JC-Hosting, and threatened them with a bogus DMCA claim if they didn't remove the web site. JC-Hosting, being both ignorant and cowardly, complied. Not only that, but they refuse to return Absolute Write's database so they can move elsewhere.

Read more at BoingBoing: Anti-publishing-scam site shut down by "agent" - needs help


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