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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jennifer Clason pleads guilty of spamming and conspiracy

My favorite story this week: one Jennifer Clason, of New Hampshire has pled guilty in Arizona for violating the CAN-Spam act by sending porn spam. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, she's pled guilty to two spamming counts and one count of criminal conspiracy. She'll forfeit the money she got from spamming and faces up to 15 years in the slammer. Also indicted are Jeffrey A. Kilbride of Venice, CA, and James R. Schaffer of Paradise Valley, Arizona.

The DOJ reports that AOL alone received more than 600,000 complaints in less than six months.

Spam Kings reports on an interesting twist to this story: Clason also runs a support group for work-at-home mothers called A quick review of the site's online forums show no evidence that the regulars there know about Clason's own work-at-home job. Something this hot should've been mentioned by now, so I suspect that Clason is still keeping a tight reign on the moderation. The only hint is her "Leaving for Phoenix" thread. She doesn't tell the readers why, she's leaving for Pheonix though.

It's worth taking a few minutes to tour It's choc full of money-making schemes of dubious legitimacy.

I previously wrote about this particular spam gang in January, when two other members of the gang pled guilty.

You can read all about it at the Department of Justice, Spam Kings, PC Pro, Spam Daily News, and ROKSO listing (lots more references there)

Clason also continues to operate a number of porn websites.

Update: She's confessed to her readers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I followed the thread on MommyJobs (just the name makes my skin crawl), and she goes on and on about how she "hated" all the spam, and how she was "taken advantage of", and how she is trying to put her past behind her. Then to cap it off she pulls out the God card, appealing to her three loyal readers for forgiveness. Yuck. How do people sink this low??

8:02 PM  
Blogger Spam Diaries said...

Here's the part that gets me: She still owns about a dozen hard-core porn sites.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jennifer Clason, not only owns 16 porn sites, but despite her refusal she is actively promoting porn on her boards, even moderators of the board are freely advertising porn.

A complete story on this can be read here

I have tried to collect as many facts as possible.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... has stopped displaying content on Jennifer and her activities, screenshots can however be provided on request.

Another factor to be noted besides porn on her forums, is the profound in-fighting, the moderator friar was disgraced badly, and once in a while some of the members too if they do not go her way, like the most recent member " Holland ".

4:22 AM  

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