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Friday, September 14, 2007

Government response to Soloway's motion to review detention order

Latest in the Soloway case. Soloway is currently sitting in the slammer without bail, the court having ruled him to be a flight risk. Soloway has filed a motion to have this issue reconsidered, based on the usual yadda yadda (he's got ties to the area, he's broke, he's got nowhere to go.)

The government's response can now be found at SpamSuite. Quoting from the SpamSuite summary: Soloway appears to have skipped town ahead of being prosecuted for spamming not once, but twice. If he skipped to Sweden, they wouldn't extradite him back to stand trial or serve his sentence. Not only does he not have close ties to Seattle, but he appears to have liquidated all of his assets after skipping from Oregon just ahead of being prosecuted there for spamming.

Soloway's argument includes such things as he doesn't even own his own house or car. The government responds that he rents an expensive penthouse apartment and leased three luxury cars. This isn't the mark of poverty, but rather that of someone who wants to be able to take off at a moment's notice without leaving any assets behind. Likewise, while Soloway argues that his dual citizenship doesn't mean anything because he hardly knows anybody there, the government points out that he took the steps to obtain Sweedish citizenship recently, shortly after he fled California to Oregon to avoid prosecution there.

Anyway, the government response is well worth a quick read and it's a little fascinating to see how serious the charges were against him in California and Oregon, and how much effort he's put into avoiding the legal system.

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