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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wikileaks calls for boycott of domain registrar eNom

In the aftermath of the shutdown of by a court order issued at the request of Swiss Bank Julius Baer, Wikileaks has called for the boycott of registrar eNom.

eNom is best known as the domain registrar that complied with the federal government's order to shut down a Spanish travel agency because it did business with Cuba — the agency was not under U.S. jurisdiction and so was hardly violating U.S. law, but their domain was registered in the United States, and that was good enough for the feds.

Although eNom's culpability in that incident is doubtful, since they were probably under orders from the federal government, their involvement in the shutdown of was not so innocent.

In a nutshell, bank Julius Baer was able to get a court order shutting down, but not, which was a mirror site not mentioned in the TRO. However, learning of the court order against, eNom apparently took it upon themselves to shutdown as well — without a court order of any kind.

Wikileaks made repeated requests — and then demands — to eNom asking them to identify who, if anybody, had told them to lock the registration, and what claims had been made. When eNom failed to answer, Wikileaks issued their call to boycott. Wikileaks accuses eNom, and their parent company Domain Media, Inc. , of a pattern of censorship and other unethical practices that goes beyond the shutdowns of and the Spanish travel agency.

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Off-topic: I would be remiss if I didn't mention the apparent misogyny in the Wikileaks press release. The call for boycott gives the names and photographs of four people they seem to find particularly culpable, three men and one woman. With the men, Wikileaks used their full names and described their offenses against Wikileaks and the internet community as a whole. For the woman, they referred to her by first name only, and described only the way she met her husband. I found this strange, and a little disturbing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Enom should be boycotted anyway because they are a lousy company. When they bought Bulkregister out, the destroyed it. I used Bulkregister to register domains for about 5 years, but since Enom took them over, I am moving my business away from them as quickly as possible. They are EXTREMELY INCOMPETENT!!!!

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