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Friday, January 25, 2008

E360 files third SLAPP suit against Susan Gunn and others

Three days ago, I asked rhetorically where E360 gets the money to file all these harassing lawsuits. That question becomes more serious with the news that Linhardt has filed yet a third lawsuit against Susan Gunn along with Mark Ferguson and Kelly Chien.

Details of the lawsuit can be found at SpamSuite. In a nutshell, it's the same lawsuit as before, claiming defamation because the defendants called them spammers.

There's no way that E360 can win this case on the merits given the abundant evidence of their spamming, and even Ferguson's proof that E360 falsified opt-in records. This is clearly just another lawsuit intended to harass anti-spam activists.

One major question: How many times are the courts going to allow Linhardt to keep re-filing the same lawsuit before they put a stop to it.

Where is the money coming from?

This brings us to the question: Where does E360 get the money for all these lawsuits? The one against Comcast certainly will go nowhere unless E360 spends significant money pursuing it.

One theory I've heard is that, like the Mark Felstein lawsuit against Spamhaus in 2003, this lawsuit is quietly being backed by a coalition of spammers. In this case, the spammers are hoping for a legal precedent which will force Comcast, and by extension other ISPs, to accept spam without any blocking.

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