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Monday, March 19, 2007

New phish on the block — fake MoneyBookers email

OK, one I hadn't seen before: Email from "" tells me to click on a link to receive my $300. No indication as to who the money is from. Obfuscated URL. Wants a copy of my passport and my personal banking information. Puh-leeze.

Now, there is a real, but they're in London and the URL in the email leads you to Bolivia. I'll forward the spam onto the real MoneyBookers, but dollars to donuts they already know.

If you're reading this now, you're probably not the kind of person to fall for this, but for the love of all that's holy, please get on the horn to your Uncle Charlie in Peoria, or your cousins back in the old country, or whichever one of your relatives always falls for this stuff, and warn them about this before they start digging through their stuff looking for their passport. Tell them: Strangers are not sending you money out of the blue.



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