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 by Edward Falk

Thursday, May 18, 2006

World Spam News

Scam spammers in the slammer: UK courts have setenced Damon Knight, Nunhead, Kennedy Eguakhide, of Clapham, and Reginald Emelonye, of Abbey Wood for periods ranging from two to three years for conducting a number of "advance fee" frauds. The scammers collected somewhere on the order of a £million, but were only ordered to pay back a token amount. See icSouthLondon article Spam scammers to repay victims for more details.

NetBop Technologies of Wales has been awarded 'best spam filter' by Web User magazine for the second year running. See Ping Wales article Welsh anti-spam software wins gold for more.

Not a lot of international spam news this week. But stay tuned for National spam news.


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