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Thursday, April 13, 2006

National Spam News

OK, boys and girls; another busy week. Are you sitting comfortably?

Last week I mentioned a security hole in Internet Explorer that allowed attackers take control of your computer just from visiting a corrupt web site. Well now I find that USA Today reports that the security hole is already being exploited by thieves who use it to download spyware onto your system which captures banking logins and reports them to the thieves. In other words: either stop using Internet Explorer, get it patched now, or be very, very careful which web sites you visit.

c|net and many other news sources report "Feds shut down spam ring for good". Here's the good news: The FTC and the state of California have come to an understanding in which Optin Global will agree to stop spamming and pay a fine. Here's the bad news: the fine was only $475,000 -- a slap on the wrist for a major spammer and we only have their promise to stop spamming. Supposedly the fine jumps to $2.4 million if it's discovered that Optin Global lied about their assets.

Here's a bit of good news: Australian court order in Wayne Mansfield case. Executive summary; it looks like Mansfield has been found guilty under the Spam Act and will be paying some fines.

Spam is on the rise. At least so says Symantec.

But phishing attacks and porn spam are decreasing. This from IT Backbones.

But child porn spam increases. According to Sophos.


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