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Sunday, March 19, 2006

World spam news

Red Herring has another article about China's drive to crack down on spam: China: Farewell, Spam!

Interesting insight in the article: "One reason China has become such a big spam haven? More than 90 percent of the software used in China is pirated, leaving computers more susceptible to hackers who can turn them into 'spam zombies.'

Got my first IRS phish today. Or at least the first to slip through my spam filters. Now I don't feel so left out anymore. Headers indicate it came from RoadRunner. Link takes you to No redirects, not even a token attempt at disguising the URL. Kind of insulting, really. Other spam fighters have identified IRS phish sites in China and Australia.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a spam is circulating claiming to have proof that Slobodan Milosevic was killed. The payload of the spam is a virus which will lower your computer's security. Read the article MilosevicTrojann email warning for more details.

And finally, of India reports on a rash of spam emails selling the Tamiflu drug to combat bird flu. I hope it goes without saying that buying drugs from spammers is a very bad idea; there's simply no knowing what, if anything, you'll actually get back. My favorite quote from the article: "...once the customer sends in his order, the spammers get access to three valuable things: the email address, credit card details and proof of gullibility". For full details, read the article, Bird Flu Alarm.


Blogger my0p said...

Got my first IRS phish today. ... Headers indicate it came from RoadRunner. Link takes you to interbusiness.

Yea, I see phishing spam from Roadrunner now and then and more often from interbusiness (I think that is an Italian based ISP that is not responsive to reports). If you go to google groups and simply plug in spam - there are more results than one can conceivably shake a stick at.

Around November of 2005, there was an email virus which was probably one of the Sober.Q variants. I received dozens of phishing spams purporting to be the FBI, CIA, AOL or some other ISP. They had malicious attachments from what I recall. Probably someone's Outlook who had my email address had the virus. Coincidentally, on the same day you posted your entry (3/18/06) I just wrote the longest entry to date in my blog about phishing.

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