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 by Edward Falk

Friday, January 27, 2006

New technique: payload embedded in a Yahoo group invitation.

Here's one I've not seen before (or perhaps I'm just not very observant): I got an invitation from someone I never heard of before, to join a Yahoo group I had never of heard before. The "introductory message" that comes with such invitations had nothing to do with the group in question. Instead, it contained the spam payload.

If you try to visit the Yahoo group in question, or the geocities web site in the payload, you get redirected immediately to an online drug dealer.

Time to send out a few notifications.

Update: the very next day I received a response from Geocities (the site hosting the click-through). The site was investigated and pulled. Refreshing to talk to a responsive abuse desk like that.

The 'jenerix' Yahoo group seems to be gone as well. Well done, Yahoo. Of course, the original web site is still up. Should be interesting to see what it takes to bring it down.


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