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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grrr; Senderbase lists my server

File this one under hidden costs of spam.

I run a small server out of the back room in my house. It's just a place for me to keep my own files where I can access them. Very low bandwidth.

I'm on a dynamic IP address, and use dyndns to access it. That's all fine.

Now, my service provider has me listed in the SpamHaus PBL. For those unfamiliar with it, the PBL is the "Policy Black List". It's a list of IP addresses which the owners have informed Spamhaus, out of courtesy, should never be sending unauthenticated email. It is not a list of IP addresses that have actually done anything wrong.

That's well and good, and it reflects well on my service provider that my address is listed. Dynamic IP addresses shouldn't be sending email. And I don't.

But the friendly folks at Senderbase have decided that a PBL listing means I must be hosting malware. And so now I find there are networks from which I can't access my own files.

So now it's off to see if I can't convince them to adjust their filters.


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