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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Adelphia executives headed to prison

A nearly forgotten footnote in the history of spam: ISP Adelphia was added to my spam-tracking list in 1998 due to excessive porn spam to the sexual abuse recovery newsgroups, coupled with Adelphia management's indifference to the problem. They dropped off my radar when I stopped monitoring Usenet spam many years ago.

Today, they dropped back on when a U.S. Judge ordered Adelphia founder, John Rigas, and his son Timothy Rigas to begin serving long prison sentences of 15 and 20 years respectively for their roles in one of the largest corporate frauds in history.

According to prosecutors, the Rigas' illegally concealed nearly $2.3B in debt from Adelphia stockholders.

More on this story from CNN and the Houston Chronicle.



Blogger James Miller said...

I usually call spammers crooks in my blogs on Making the Most of the Internet.

Thanks for proving me right.

By the way McAfee (and probably others) seem to have got hold of the "Greetings Card Scam". It's now started as a "You've Got Worms" scam six hours later.

Sometimes it's good to be in the UK, because cases like you describe would rarely happen here and if they did the judiciary would take a dim view.

Anyway, I've slept with a lawyer for forty years, so I have my own yard dog. Our son is also one of Britain's top Human Rights lawyers.

12:07 AM  

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